Idaho Results:

There is no question that Mitt Romney won Idaho, and that the Idaho state GOP reported the votes properly on its Idaho GOP Website.

"Watch The Vote 2012" saw the greatest participation ever in any state from the Idaho citizens. 15 of the GOP County Chairman consented in advance to reporting their results to -- and actually no one anywhere in Idaho whom our callers contacted refused to report the results to -- Supporters from the Romney, Santorum, and Paul camps, as individuals, were willing to report the vote to for independent verification. Many of the Paul supporters expressed disappointment when reporting the results from their county, but, of course, reported them accurately.

So, unlike many other GOP HQ in other states, Idaho ran the vote count of the 2012 Idaho Caucus above board and as all election counts should be run.

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Why Focused on Idaho this Super Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Here are the reasons:

1. In all the states which are holding primaries which are counting votes illegally on easily rigged, secretly programmed computers (such as Ohio, Georgia, Virginia, etc.) -- there is nothing to watch. There is nothing for vote monitors, or anybody else, -- to do! Each voter marks a ballot, feeds that ballot into a machine that looks like a combination ATM/Safe -- and the ballot disappears from public view. These machines are eventually taken downtown in each county, where a highly paid vendor (such as Diebold, ES&S, Hart, or Sequoia) announces "results", which are dutifully reported by the Big Media and all their local affiliates, as if the results were verified. In fact, the public is taking the announced results on election night in these states on an ACT OF BLIND FAITH. No citizen, no candidate, no press person -- has seen even one ballot, except for their own. There is no public, open count that can be witnessed by citizens from each neighborhood. Yet this "open public count" is what standing, unchallenged US Supreme Court decisions demand for US Elections, and what many state laws explicitly require.

2. In the Caucus states, such as Alaska and Idaho, being held this Super Tuesday, March 6, 2012 -- the counts are in the open (if done as promised) -- so there is something for citizens to do, namely, WATCH THE VOTE. We at are concentrating on Idaho because a large number of citizens and leaders came forth in Idaho in response to our call (and key WatchTheVote2012 leaders and activists have lived in Idaho since our inception in 2007). Many Idaho citizens offered to be eye-witnesses on the ground at their caucus, and report back to us. So, presuming the votes are counted in the open at each location, the eye-witnesses on the ground can verify what the vote count is, and whether the votes were counted in the open. That is why we are concentrating on Idaho this Super Tuesday, 2012.