Comments by Mark Adams,
Election Integrity Lawyer in Florida,
on the illegality of secret computer counts according to
New Hampshire STATE law. (!!!)

(This comment is made under the article on NH Secretary of State: "Citizen Election Observers Threaten Election Integrity" by Nancy Tobi.


(Our comment at Buckle up before you read Mr. Adams' comments!)

Scanlon is a lying scumbag, and like most people in government, he works for the fascist criminal scum who control the government.

Scanlon is lying when he says that a moderator is not required to conduct an election in a certain way.  Part II, Article 32 of the Constitution of the State of New Hampshire requires the ballots to be counted by the moderator in open meetings, not by a computer.

Since no one can see a computer count, it counts in secret, not in public, and a computer is not a moderator.  Therefore, using computers to count votes in NH is unconstitutional.  While NH's Constitution does not clearly specify that votes in primaries or presidential races must be counted by the moderator in open meeting, New Hampshire Statute - 659:63 states, "
The counting of votes shall be public...." without limiting public counts to elections for particular offices. 

Yet, Scanlon completely misrepresents the law to enable election theft, and as a result, NH has a history of stolen elections during his rule. 

Scanlon sent this letter out because a number of people are working on trying to make sure that the votes are actually counted in NH this time by asking NH election officials to follow the law. 

Scanlon and his criminal masters are worried because activists are demanding that the votes are counted as required by the law, because activists are organizing to observe the counts in precincts which follow the law to make sure that the officials don't falsify the counts, and because activists are organizing exit polls to detect election theft in precincts which violate the law and use computers to count the votes in secret. 

If you are in NH and want to help make sure the votes are counted accurately, contact me through Project Vote Count's contact page, and I'll put you in touch with others in NH who are taking action.  If you are not in NH, support Nancy's work and that of Project Vote Count by making a donation to at least one, if not both, of our efforts. 

by Mark Adams JD/MBA (89 fans, 24 articles, 4 quicklinks, 0 diaries, 1236 comments [2050 recommended]) on Sunday, Jan 8, 2012 at 12:32:58 AM


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