Job Description – for Iowa Caucus Strategy for Watch The Vote 2012:

Part 1: “Watch the Vote 2012” County Leaders

Part 2: “Watch The Vote 2012” Vote Monitors on Iowa Caucus Night

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Part 1: “Watch the Vote2012” County Leaders”

A. There is / will be ONE County Leader assigned to each one of Iowa’s 99 counties; These county leaders can be found at our main website,

(There is now a special facebook page for county leaders and it can be found by signing into facebook and searching for:

“County Leader Volunteers for WatchTheVote2012”

B. The county leaders can be anywhere in the United States – an should be outside of Iowa because the Iowa folks should be ATTENDING a Caucus and voting.

C. If we get more than 99 County Leader volunteers – then we will assign assistants to each county – because the entire ballgame then will be to find a eye-witness for each caucus in each county. The Average number of caucuses in a county is 18.

D. The goal of the 99 County Leaders is to make personal contact with an eye-witness in each local Caucus in their assigned county – and exchange phone numbers and emails BEFORE the night of the caucus if possible. (County Leaders could set up their own conference calls for their county on to talk to the vote monitors in their assigned county.)

E. On caucus night, the County Leader sits at their computers and takes calls and/or email from the Vote Monitors in Their County. How the results will be uploaded to the internet is still being determined. Stay tuned.

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Part 2: “Watch The Vote 2012” Vote Monitors on Iowa Caucus Night


1. The Vote Monitor is the person at each local Caucus who is eye-witnessing the Caucus.

2. This is preferably an Iowan who is attending the Caucus anyway. BUT, it can also be a person who is not at Iowan – who can drive into a county in Iowa on the night of the Caucus (Jan 3, 2012, by 7 PM central). There are 8 states which touch Iowa. Such a  person would be an official reporter for WatchTheVote2012 – and has the same rights to observe as a New York Times reporter.

3. The Vote Monitor would contact his county leader in advance, as found on – and coordinate what local caucus the vote monitor would be attending. This is very important. The County Leader and Vote Monitor should exchange phone numbers and email addresses before the Caucus night, if possible.

4. The Vote Monitor will eye-witness the Caucus and stay to hear the vote tallies – the write down the numbers for Bachmann, Gingrich, Hunstman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum, and “other” for everybody else.

5. Ideally, the Vote Monitor has a camera of some kind to snap a picture of the official tally sheet, which should be posted at each local caucus.


6. The Vote Monitor must include to the County Leader, if not already done before Caucus Night, the physical address where his caucus met, and the identification of the precinct that he caucused in. Here’s an example

(example for how to identify your precinct:)

South Central Calhoun Middle School
Precinct Name: Butler Williams
Precinct Code: BUWM (not absolutely necessary)
1000 W. Tonawanda Avenue
Rockwell City, IA 50579


7. Finally the results in writing, and the picture, if any, would be sent to three places:

a. To their County leader at

b. Posted on the “WatchTheVote2012” Facebook Page, the picture in the picture section, the text in the message section.

c. To a third email address for that may change – but at present we are planning to use – this may change, however, so please consult with your WatchTheVote2012 County Leader.

8. We hope to have a pre-made Tally sheet up on the website that you can download, or you can make your own.