Breaking Again!: WHOA! Edward True appears on CNN in an excellent report by Newsweek Columnist John Avlon and host Erin Burnett!
Can anyone download this video before it is taken down?

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Breaking: Senior Newsweek Columnist breaks ranks with National Media and does some real reporting on Edward True Affidavit and its consequences

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The Below was all written after the Edward True Affidavit and before the Iowa GOP certified the votes on Jan 19, 2012 -- but for historical purposes, the articles are interesting.

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Iowa GOP HQ, Squirming under Edward True Affidavit, - Misses Certification Date
Please See Analysis Below the below linked articles

Wall Street Journal Article, "Iowa Caucus Totals May Be Shifting"

Des Moines Register Article: "Did Romney Win Iowa Caucuses?"

Click Here for a Washington Examiner article by Byron York which confirms that a recount is going on for the Iowa Caucus and that Santorum was ahead on Monday, Jan 16, 2012

Please note that the reporting in these articles would get a "C" or worse if done by high school journalists. These stories deliberately obfuscate the key facts which are known to these news outlets, that Edward True did not merely "state" that Romney was credited with 20 too many votes, thereby making Santorum the winner at this point (pre-certification), but that Mr. True produced an AFFIDAVIT that was eventually confirmed by the Iowa State GOP HQ through its Appanoose County GOP Chairman, Mr. Lyle Brinegar. The below article elucidates what the two major media articles obfuscate. Undoubtedly, the street reporters did a good job, and the editors at the Wall Street Journal and Des Moines Register took out key facts in order to make the articles less compelling, and leaving wiggle room for doubt in the minds of the readers.

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Black Box Voting (Bev Harris, "star" of HBO documentary, "Hacking Democracy") carries article about Edward True: Scroll down a little on the blog if you're seeing this on Jan 18, 2012 later
Click Here for Black Box Voting Article mentioning Edward True

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The Iowa GOP is required to certify the Iowa Caucus results within 14 days of the date of the Caucus, according to a story in the Jan 17, 2012 Wall Street Journal (above). The Iowa Caucus this year was held on January 3, 2102. Today, January 17th, represents the 14th day, and the Iowa GOP state HQ will apparently miss the deadline, saying it will certify the results by the end of the week.

Above are key major media articles which appeared today (namely, articles from the Wall Street Journal, the Des Moines Register, and the Washington Examiner), but all three seem to have been tampered with by the editors to exclude mention of the fact that caucus participant Edward L. True issued an AFFIDAVIT which the GOP Chairman of Appanoose County (Iowa) eventually confirmed as TRUE AND CORRECT. In sharp contrast, the article from Bev Harris and -- clearly explains the situation.

The Edward True affidavit revealed that at the Washington Wells precinct/caucus gathering in Appanoose county, Iowa -- Romney actually received only 2 votes. BUT, the Iowa GOP HQ, in their secret computer count using secret computer software programmed by persons unknown, -- falsely credited Romney with 22 votes in their published computer results -- thus counting twenty extra votes for Romney which he didn't receive.

Thus, if you want to believe the Iowa GOP numbers published on Caucus night -- Romney did NOT win by 8 votes - he LOST to Santorum by 12 votes !!! Until the upcoming certification, this is the unavoidable conclusion. The Iowa GOP published the results that Romney won by 8 votes WITH NO CAVEAT OR QUALIFICATION - and then admitted through it's GOP Appanoose County Chairman, Lyle Brinegar, that Edward True's affidavit was accurate and correct. So these set of facts DEMAND the conclusion -- pre-certification of the Iowa Caucus results -- that Santorum was the winner, NOT Romney. BUT this is NOT what the 5 Big TV Networks and OTHER related national media have been reporting since January 6, 2012 -- when the GOP  of Iowa confirmed that the True Affidavit was correct. (Please note, everyone, the power of one, lone honest and courageous vote monitor.)

Now, the Iowa GOP is squirming on what to do when they certify the results. They have no idea at this point what or other Election Integrity groups and individuals have uncovered. They have already admitted that they reported wrong results in one of the 1774 local Iowa Caucuses on Jan 3 from their state level secret computer count. They are implying today that they are going to announce changed results in numerous precincts. Why? If they admit they got the results wrong in 15 or 20 of the local Caucuses on Jan 3 -- what about the other 1754 local caucus gathering in Iowa that night?

As stated in advance of the Iowa Caucus on this website and in the video "Watch The Vote 2012 - Iowa Caucus" -- the big goal of the Iowa Caucus GOP state HQ and its allies at the RNC and 5 Big TV Networks -- was to prevent anti-status quo Presidential candidate Ron Paul from emerging that night on the worldwide stage on worldwide TV as the victor of the Iowa Caucus 2012. This would have greatly damaged the Big Media's credibility, as well as the GOP establishment's credibility, as both have been saying for years that Ron Paul and his supporters were wacky, fringe creatures. It also would have provided powerful ammunition against the secret computer counts which were used illegally in 80% of New Hampshire, 100% of South Carolina, and in all the major primaries from here on in, especially on Super Tuesday.

In fact, the PUBLISHED result that night, touted confidently and triumphantly by the Iowa GOP State HQ and the 5 Big TV Networks -- was that RHINO Flip-Flopping Romney was the "Winner." Why did the Iowa State GOP HQ publish this results if they were not sure?

Was it to put in the public mind what would support the pre-determined outcome in the upcoming primary states which (excepting New Hampshire) are all using easily rigged, secret computer counts in 100% of the state? (New Hampshire uses secret computer counts in about half of the polling places, but for 80% of the ballots. New Hampshire, however, unlike the other primary states, does allow the computer-using local towns to pull out the ballots from the computers immediately, and perform a double check with a hand count of the paper ballots -- in order to make sure that the computers weren't programmed wrongly, either by accident or on purpose. (Unfortunately, as far as we know, none of the computer-counted towns in New Hampshire exercised this option.)

For the first hour on the evening of the Iowa Caucus 2012 coverage, there was a close three way race being reported -- with Ron Paul in the lead, followed closely by Santorum and Romney. Then a little over an hour in, Ron Paul dropped 5% and stayed at 23% the rest of the night, with Santorum and Romney being shown at 28% for the rest of the night, according the results that the Iowa GOP HQ was announcing througout the evening. During this odd drop by 5% of Ron Paul alone, more than one on air reporter noted that suddenly results had quit coming to them for a time.

Was it during this brief "no results" period on Iowa Caucus 2012 night using the "secret count at a secret location done on secret computer software programmed by unknown persons" -- that the dark side of the Iowa GOP HQ had actuarial mathematicians determining how many votes needed to be flipped from Ron Paul to the other candidates to ensure a Romney or Santorum victory?  This is NOT a ridiculous question. If only 3 or 4 votes were flipped from Ron Paul to the other candidates ON AVERAGE per local caucus gathering -- that would amount to 5,100 to 6,800 votes (1774 caucus gathering x 3 or 4 votes flipped), meaning that Ron Paul was the winner of the Iowa Caucus, not Romney or Santorum.

Needless to say, the PUBLISHED result of Romney as the winner, whether true or false in reality, -- gave the Big TV Networks what they needed to tout Romney as the clear "frontrunner" and the "inevitable" nominee -- to this day -- DESPITE Edward True's Affidavit, which, as stated above, demanded that Santorum be treated as the winner, at least until the certification of the results by the Iowa GOP state HQ. This plays into the charge of many alternative media analysts that the 5 Big TV Networks coordinate the NEWS portions of their programming to "play a movie" for the vast majority of Americans who still trust the 5 Big TV Networks. Edward True's affidavit and it's necessary "Santorum as Iowa Caucus 2012 Winner" conclusion from January 6 until today (pre-certification) -- did not fit into the Big Media's "movie" that they are running for the unsuspecting portion of the American public.

As a final note, because of all the easily rigged, unverifiable, non-transparent secret-computer-count primary states coming up - the importance of getting an accurate eye-witness account of the vote at each local caucus gathering in the upcoming caucus states of Nevada (Feb 4), Colorado (February 7), and Idaho (March 7) -- take on a paramount importance.

Jim Condit Jr.
January 17, 2012