Click Here To Register to be a Vote Monitor

A Vote Monitor is a ("boots on the ground") person in Iowa on the night of the Iowa Caucus 2012 (Jan 3, 2012 - starts at 7 PM CST). --

A Vote Monitor can be either an Iowan who is already attending a local Caucus gathering -- or an out-of-stater who was able to drive into Iowa to watch the vote at one local Caucus gathering as a reporter for --

When you click through and register, -- you will be Immediately sent an email telling you who your "Watch The Vote 2012" County Contact is.

Then contact your County Leader, and AFTER the Caucus is over on Tuesday night, call your County Leader and report the results you eye-witnessed at your local Caucus gathering. Then the County Leader will upload the results you eye-witnessed to the internet -- to checkmate any potential election riggers.

(You can also sign up to be a county leader if you are not going to be in Iowa that night. See Job description when you click through to the next page.)