Jim Condit Jr. Answers RP Iowa Paid Staffers (Demetria Kasaria and Matt Collins) Who Are Trying to Stop RP Supporters from Effectively Watching the Vote with WatchTheVote2012.com

Jim Condit Jr. Answers RP Iowa Paid Staff member, Demetria Kasaria, on his telling "WatchTheVote2012" Bravehearts To Stand Down and NOT To Participate in the "WatchTheVote2012" effort for the Iowa Caucus 2012. ----- RP paid staffers Matt Collins and Demetria Kasaria dropped everything on Dec 28, 2011 to spend a full day runing block for the Rhinos and NeoCons in the Iowa GOP State HQ -- and traitorously did everything they could on web forums to confuse Ron Paul supporters, and persuade them NOT to report what they see at their caucus to WatchTheVote2012.

AT THE SAME TIME, Kasaria is brazenly telling us that the RP Iowa staff will NOT put caucus results up on the internet to double-check the Iowa State GOP and their chosen henchmen this year, and preventing them from rigging the Iowa Caucus against Ron Paul this year, like they rigged it against Buchanan in 1996. If Kasaria and Collins aren't enemy agents that have been planted in Ron Paul's camp -- then they are doing a great imitation of same.

Here is one sentence put out to tens of thousands by Matt Collins:

"Ron Paul's Campaign in Iowa is doing excellent! They have plenty of volunteers, and everything is going very well." Then Collins tells RP supporters from the other 49 states to STAY OUT OF IOWA.

 What a TRAITOR to Ron Paul. Thus, if we believe Collins -- the RP Campaign has become the first campaign in history to try and stop volunteers from coming into a battle state right before a VITAL election contest. BALONEY! Ron Paul did NOT say this. Even though the letter which appeared under Matt Collins name for five hours -- was later published under Ron Paul's name on the RP facebook page -- I don't believe Ron Paul wrote this . We know what Ron Paul says in his own voice about watching the vote in our 3 minute video available for viewing on our home page or at YOUTUBE ("Ron Paul Says Watch the Vote"). -- let Ron Paul come on camera and say he doesn't want anymore volunteers to come to Iowa right now. I don't believe it.

AND, of course, de facto traitors Kasaria and Collins -- desperate to run block for the Iowa GOP State HQ election crooks -- CONTRADICTED what RP paid staffer Doug Wead said on MSNBC (or CNN) the day before -- that the RP Iowa campaign was asking AS MANY OUT OF STATERS AS POSSIBLE to come into Iowa to canvass Iowa like a glove for Ron Paul.  -- So get your story straight, Matt Collins and Demetria Kasaria, before you put these deceptions out to try and confuse and neutralize RP supporters from watching the vote EFFECTIVELY with WatchTheVote2012.


As happened in 2007-2008, some Paid Staff at the Iowa Ron Paul Campaign have "gone to war" with the Watch the Vote 2012 effort. One of them is Demetria Kesaria, top paid assistant working directly under RP Iowa state director Drew Ivers. Another Ron Paul de facto turn coat, Matt Collins, is claiming that "Ron" has asked people from out of state NOT to travel into Iowa to Watch the Vote. But  That means "Ron" is at odds with Ron Paul himself, who is featured on our "Ron Paul Says Watch the Vote - Iowa Caucus" youtube video, also available at www.WatchTheVote2012.com -- This is ridiculous talk by Demetria Kesaria in any case.

Only saboteurs or IDIOTS, or opportunist career-climbing hacks trying to play up to the saboteurs, -- would refuse help from an independent group in trying to keep the Iowa State GOP HQ (and their designated henchmen for this year) - honest -- with the long proven history of the Iowa State GOP HQ rigging Straw poll and Caucus events, AND/OR insisting they "count" the votes IN SECRET (Google the article A House without Doors, published by Chronicles Magazine in Nov 1996).

-- At Watch the Vote 2012, we are independent and want a FAIR AND OPEN VOTE COUNT -- so that whoever wins, is given credit for the victory -- NO MATTER WHICH CANDIDATE REALLY WINS!

Remember, this is politics, and politics is a form of war. Keep your eyes and ears open. Follow your inner light and your conscience on whether WatchTheVote2012 is doing a necessary work or not.

Drew Ivers and his paid staff WILL NOT put up a website to publish the eye-witness reports they claim they are getting from RP supporters at each local caucus. Why not? They don't want to offend the proven election crooks running the Iowa State GOP HQ? The only thing these election crooks understand is LIGHT on what they are doing. Why does Drew Ivers and Demetrai Kesaria, and Matt Collins want to let them keeping operating in the dark -- with no public check and balance on what they are doing?

Paid RP Iowa staff deputy Demetria Kesaria, last night on our conference call would NOT commit to post on the internet the results gathered on Caucus night at RP Iowa headquarters. (Because they are not going to do it.) So, IF Ivers and Kasaria have told RP supporters to report the vote back to Iowa RP HQ from each Caucus, -- which is not known by any of the RP supporters in Iowa that we have talked to so far --- BUT if they then are going to keep it to themselves rather than publish it on the internet for all to see -- then their effort is worthless -- you may as well call the weather line and report what you witnessed to them. The KEY is to report the eye-witnessed results IMMEDIATELY on the world wide web, to checkmate the proven election crooks at Iowa State GOP HQ. (Try to keep up, Ivers, Demetria, and Collins!)

What is going on here? A Professor from South America told me in the late 80s that the top political tactic used in modern politics is TO PUT YOUR MAN IN THE OTHER GUY'S CAMP!!! Demetria Kesaria, in light of his absurd, weaselly, and contradictory comments on our call last night (Dec 27, 2011, circa 11 PM EST), -- is either a saboteur, a strategy idiot, or an opportunist playing up to a saboteur for his real or imagined career advancement. He's one of the three. Someone (or ones) WITHIN the Iowa RP Staff, or national RP staff, is trying to help the Iowa GOP State HQ and their designated henchmen this year, to steal the Iowa Caucus 2012 from Ron Paul.

That's the ONLY possible reason they would not want backup from an independent organization to help Watch The Vote.

Drew Ivers knows that Buchanan was cheated in 1996 by the Iowa State GOP HQ and the Big TV Networks. When confronted with this fact on our conference call (the vote rigging against Buchanan in 1996), Demetria Kesaria played the "Bill Clinton card": "That was 15 years ago." He said this several times like it was a GREAT point. I retorted, "World War II was 65 years ago, does that mean we should forget those lessons?" These are the type of inane responses and "reasons" that Demetria gave for why we were "hurting the campaign" if we continued on with our sound plain to watch the vote in the Iowa Caucus.  In fact, the same players that were hovering around the Iowa State GOP HQ in 1996 (the ones who wouldn't do ANYTHING in 1996 or since to correct the proven vote rigging against Buchanan) -- are still in place. It's the same basic crew. One of them is Governor Terry Branstad, who says the rules of the Iowa Caucus should be changed if Ron Paul wins, because it's "giving Iowa a bad name."

Every normal American in Iowa, and around Iowa, has to make a decision: do you want a pat on the head from Drew Ivers and Demetria Kasaria next week -- so that they can get their pat on the head from the election crooks, Rhinos, and Neo-Cons, running the Iowa GOP HQ and the RNC? Or do you want to see Ron Paul ascend the stage VICTORIOUS in the Iowa Caucus for all the world to see on the Evening of Jan 3, 2012? The only way to insure an honest count if for 1784 RP supporters (or supporters of other campaigns) to be one at each caucus, then call in the results they witness, and then have a website publish IMMEDIATELY what the grassroots Iowans saw. This is what WatchTheVote2012 is GOING TO DO.  And this is what RP Iowa staff is NOT going to do.

Our WatchTheVote2012 strategy is ON POINT. The Big TV Networks have never had COMPETITION in publishing and announcing the vote count on election night -- this is WHY some arm of the Votefraud Crime Syndicae -- have activated the de facto MOLES and Saboteurs within the Ron Paul campaign to confuse Ron Paul supporters, and to try and discourage participation in this effort around WatchTheVote2012.

Do not be deterred. Carry on. Victory is near, in all probability for RON PAUL -- if we WATCH THE VOTE AT all 1784 local caucus gatherings, and immediately report it on the internet at WatchTheVote2012.com.

And if some other candidate wins, we will verify THEIR victory in the Iowa Caucus 2012, whether it be Romney, Gingrich, Bachmann, Santorum, or whoever. Let the REAL winner -- be announced AS the winner, without any election rigging.

This recent development convinces me that we again, as in 2007-2008, have deliberate saboteurs in the Ron Paul Paid staff. Here is a link to an article from 2007 that may give a clue as to WHERE these saboteurs come from:


Carry on -- we have many battles after the Iowa Caucus in the Presidential year of 2012, but, for now, let's make sure if Ron Paul wins in Iowa -- that he gets credit for the Victory!

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As I write this on Dec 28, 2012 -- the most important action needed is for Iowans who are going to vote at a local caucus gathering to volunteer to be a vote monitor at the below link,  OR for out-of-staters who can drive into Iowa on Jan 3, 2012 on Iowa Caucus night to be a vote monitor at one of the local gatherings -- to also volunteer at the below link:


This link is also found at the right hand column near the top of the page at our WatchTheVote2012 Facebook page. Thanks.


Jim Condit Jr.


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Below is the letter put out under Ron Paul's name on December 28, 2011. I do not believe it was written by Ron Paul. At best it was run past him in a few seconds  while he was in the middle of three other things -- with lies or distortions about how WatchTheVote2012 was an unsavory operation run by unsavory people. But I don't know Ron Paul . Coming soon -- my translation of what the letter really means, as written by de facto saboteurs like Demetria Kesaria and Matt Olson, and 6 hours later put out under the name of "Ron Paul" -- I do not believe Ron Paul said "No more volunteers in Iowa" -- let these malfacters (Ivers, Kasaria, Ols

Letter put out originally under the name of paid RP campaign staffer,

My Campaign in Iowa is on the verge of making history! We have plenty of volunteers, and everything is going very well.


If you live in Iowa and want to help out, please call the Ankeny office at: 515-657-6924

IF YOU DON'T LIVE IN IOWA, the best way you can help our effort there is to make phone calls using the Phone-From-Home system and by donating.



 If you are considering traveling to Iowa to volunteer, I ask that you save the time and money you would've used on your trip to Iowa and to Phone-From-Home and/or to donate instead.


Also, I ask that you NOT contact the Iowa GOP or attempt to act as an observer for the count on caucus night, as uncoordinated actions hurt our cause more than they help.


My Campaign in Iowa has supporters on the IAGOP Central Committee, and it has a plan in place for observing the count. I am confident in the process, confident in their ability to monitor the election, and confident that the IAGOP will be fair and open. Any statements to the contrary are simply untrue.


The grassroots enthusiasm is appreciated, but my campaign is doing very well with its on-the-ground efforts here.


Again, the best way to help me win is to make phone calls that matter by using the Campaign's Phone-From-Home system and to give your most generous contribution. http://phone.ronpaul2012.com/