OPEN LETTER TO ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, AP Wire, and National Election Pool (NEP)

 (This letter was sent by Federal Express to the above media outlets on December 29, 2011 -- is arriving to them by 3 PM est on Friday, December 30th, 2011, with a signature from someone at each of these media outlets required, proving that they received it.)

Dec 29, 2011


To: ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, AP Wire, and National Election Pool (NEP)

From: Jim Condit Jr.
Network America
PO Box  11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

Subject: We’re Watching You at Iowa Caucus 2012, and you better not
try to rig the Caucus Vote against Ron Paul, or anybody else this year, as you did against Pat Buchanan in the 1996 Iowa Caucus.

Dear Wirepullers in what you call the “news” divisions at ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, and at AP Wire, and at National Election Pool (NEP):

This Open Letter is ALSO to confront you Big Media malefactors and traitors in public about the three tools you have been using to help rig elections in the United States of America since the mid 1970s when you were an integral part, by your deafening silence, of helping to impose easily rigged, secret computer election counts on county after county, and state after state, across the USA, in conjunction with the Republican National Committee (RNC), the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and roughly four, sinister mega-corporations.

It is necessary to cover this to lay the basis for an understanding of how dishonest and traitorous you are, as a backdrop to how you helped rig the Iowa Caucus of 1996 against Pat Buchanan in favor of Sen. Bob Dole, and how you are planning to be part of rigging the Iowa Caucus in 2012 against Ron Paul, IF you can get away with it.

We at are organizing thousands of citizen vote-monitors to be PHYSICALLY PRESENT at the 1784 or so local caucuses in Iowa this Jan 3, 2012 – to make sure you can’t do to Ron Paul (or anybody else) in 2012 what you did to Pat Buchanan in 1996.

Before getting to the circumstance of the Iowa Caucus 2012 Presidential event on Jan 3, 2012, let’s set the stage for how crooked, dishonest, and treasonous you all are:

As of 1988, about 3120 of our nation’s 3141 counties were (improperly and illegally) delegating the election count to one of basically four sinister mega-corporations – something you have neglected to emphasize to the American people – even while you OD on “news” about Paris Hilton’s speeding tickets, Lindsay Lohan’s drug problems, and Britney Spears rehab schedule. This shadowy mega-corporation count the vote in the November elections on secret programs which are off limits to press, people, candidates, and the county which hire them to “count” our elections in secret.


Why don’t the American people know this? Because YOU have hidden it from them, that’s why. Oh, something appears here and there, such as Dan Rather’s  five minute report at the end of the CBS Evening News on the Monday night before the 1988 Presidential election – and thus, you follow the method of your ideological and tactical comrade, Communist Dictator Josef Stalin, who would print 100,000 of his own campaign flyers while allowing his for-show opponent to print 2000 pamphlets of his campaign pamphlets.

Let’s hear from the veteran, venerable, and honest reporter Ronnie Dugger, in his article “How They Could Steal the Election This Time”, published in the Nation magazine on August 16, 2004:

Some 98 million citizens, five out of every six of the roughly 115 million who will go to the polls, will consign their votes into computers that unidentified computer programmers, working in the main for four private corporations and the officials of 10,500 election jurisdictions, could program to invisibly falsify the outcomes. . . .

The potential for fraud and error is daunting. About 61 million of the votes in November, more than half the total, will be counted in the computers of one company, the privately held Election Systems and Software (ES&S) of Omaha, Nebraska. Altogether, nearly 100 million votes will be counted in computers provided and programmed by ES&S and three other private corporations: British-owned Sequoia Voting Systems of Oakland, California, whose touch-screen voting equipment was rejected as insecure against fraud by New York City in the 1990s; the Republican-identified company Diebold Election Systems of McKinney, Texas, whose machines malfunctioned this year in a California election; and Hart InterCivic of Austin, one of whose principal investors is Tom Hicks, who helped make George W. Bush a millionaire.

About a third of the votes, 36 million, will be tabulated completely inside the new paperless, direct-recording-electronic (DRE) voting systems, on which you vote directly on a touch-screen. Unlike receipted transactions at the neighborhood ATM, however, you get no paper record of your vote. Since, as a government expert says, "the ballot is embedded in the voting equipment," there is no voter-marked paper ballot to be counted or recounted. Voting on the DRE, you never know, despite what the touch-screen says, whether the computer is counting your vote as you think you are casting it or, either by error or fraud, it is giving it to another candidate. No one can tell what a computer does inside itself by looking at it; an election official "can't watch the bits inside," says Dr. Peter Neumann, the principal scientist at the Computer Science Laboratory of SRI International and a world authority on computer-based risks.

The four major election corporations count votes with voting-system source codes. These are kept strictly secret by contract with the local jurisdictions and states using the machines. That secrecy makes it next to impossible for a candidate to examine the source code used to tabulate his or her own contest. In computer jargon a "trapdoor" is an opening in the code through which the program can be corrupted. David Stutsman, an Indiana lawyer whose suits in the 1980s exposed a trapdoor that was being used by the nation's largest election company at that time, puts it well: "The secrecy of the ballot has been turned into the secrecy of the vote count."

(End Quote from the Dugger article in the Nation; the Dugger article is linked at down the right hand column, in the box entitled “Votefraud 101”)

While 60% plus of the votes of Americans are being tabulated secretly on privately owned, secretly held computer programs, by ES & S (Election Systems and Software) – have more than a handful of Americans heard of this company? No. Why? Because you are involved in a cover-up of how the vote has been taken away from the American people, and is now controlled by a handful of the Ruling Elite – such as yourselves.

99% of Americans reading this OPEN LETTER, which is posted at – a letter which you are all also receiving by certified mail, -- will have heard of ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, and AP wire – but they will have never heard of the sinister corporation that you all JOINTLY own, namely National Election Pool (NEP).

Why? Because you “news” people have HIDDEN the existence of this treasonous operation. Anyone can learn about it by gong to Wikipedia and searching for “National Election Pool” – and don’t worry, we’ve mirrored the page in case they or anyone tries to alter it or take it down. There they will learn how you six big media outlets own NEP.

And YOU know what that means, even if the American people don’t.  That means that all of your “competition” to call the “winners” and “losers” on election night is TOTALLY PHONY! There is no competition. You are all getting the exact same numbers, at the exact same time, from the exact same company which you jointly own, namely, National Election Pool (NEP). (Reader, please note: NEP was called Voter News Service (VNS) from 1964 to 2003, when the stench got so bad after the 2000 election that they changed their name to try and protect the guilty, but ONLY there name – all else was left exactly as was.)


The fake election night “competition” between ABC, CBS, NBC, and now CNN and FOX, to “project” “winners and losers” – was for one purpose: to manipulate the viewers mind to get ready to accept the published secret and easily rigged computer count that would follow a few hours later. It’s not about “news”, it’s about keeping control of the direction of the world, in which you are key players.

All of this about your phony election night “competition” to “project winners and losers” is covered in “A House without Doors”, first run in Chronicles Magazine in the November 1996 issue, and linked at in the right hand column on the home page.


Now that we have laid the groundwork about what dishonest, coverup artists and traitors to the United States of America you are, -- in the interest of time and space, let’s get to the Iowa Caucus.

In 1996, you and your owners and controllers, around the coalition of the FED (Federal Reserve Board, so called), IMF (International Monetary Fund), Goldman-Sachs, -- greatly feared Presidential candidate Patrick J. Buchanan. So do the RHINOS (Republicans in Name Only) and Neo-Cons (Trotskyite War Mongers) in the Republican Party. (See Ron Paul’s 11 part speech available on YouTube about the “NeoCons”, given on the floor of Congress on July 10, 2003. Search “Neo-conned by Congressman Ron Paul”; Also Pat Buchanan’s article, “Whose War? Found here:  - and Michael Collins Piper’s book, “The High Priests of War”, and “Neo-Conned” and “Neo-Conned Again”, compiled by former Naval Lt. Commander, F. John Sharpe.)

That’s why you were a part of cheating Pat Buchanan in 1996 in the caucuses and primaries.

In in this year of 2012, you den of vipers, thieves, vultures, and Money Changers – greatly fear Ron Paul. And you are intending to rig him out of the Iowa Caucus, if he wins it, and if you can get away with it. Let’s continue:


Phony Polls issued Months in Advance

Your first tactic is phony public opinion polls issued months in advance.

I accuse you of falsifying these polls to say whatever you want to say to manipulate the American mind in that particular election cycle.

I was there in Dubuque, Iowa from January 17 to February 10, 1996 – when ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN were daily issuing phony polls that Bob Dole was “landsliding” Pat Buchanan 28% to 12%. I was seeing Buchanan signs everywhere – and Dole signs were almost non-existent. (Sound familiar, Ron Paul supporters in Iowa?) Pat Buchanan was drawing 100 to 1000 people everywhere, while Dole and  Sen. Phil Graham (another one of your “frontrunners” that year), couldn’t top 20 or 30 people – usually about half of them their staff! Buchanan drew 300+ people in Dubuque, Iowa in early February, 1996 – with 5 inches of snow having fallen a few hours earlier! I know. I was there. (Sound familiar, Ron Paul supporters in Iowa?)

And then – mirabile dictu (wonderful to tell!) – on February 10, 1996 – a Saturday – two days before the Iowa Caucuses of that year, which took place on February 12, 1996 – ALL FOUR OF YOUR CROOKED NETWORKS (FOX wasn’t in existence then) simultaneously announced that you were dropping your polls because billionaire Steve Forbes had spent so much money on radio and TV ads, so you couldn’t be sure anymore.

LIARS! You issued those polls for three weeks before the 1996 Iowa Caucus to MANIPULATE the minds of the Americans voters towards the political hacks you could control, and against the Candidates-of-the-People who you could NOT control.

And you have done the same thing to Ron Paul in 2012. For months you have been issuing phony polls about “Frontrunners” Romney and Gingrich – even though these two have little support on the ground amongst normal people. (Romney has left a skeleton crew in Iowa weeks ago, to go to New Hampshire, where 80% of the votes are counted on secret programs in easily rigged computers.)

Phony polls for months before the election to manipulate the perception and minds of the Iowa people and the American electorate: that’s your tactic Number #1.

Now that Caucus day is near, to try and save your credibility, you have some of your on screen “talent” admitting that it looks like Ron Paul is going to do very well, maybe even win (yee-gads!).

No one asks you this, but let me ask it: How do you do your polls? What questions are asked? Can we come and film all the people who are calling to do one of your polls? Where are you calling? How many people will talk to your pollsters? How man can they even reach in this era of answering machines? How is your process in ANY WAY scientific and reliable?

I say it is totally unscientific, and totally unreliable – and that you falsify the results anyway if you don’t get the answers you want.  Oh, yes, you have people who need a job who you are paying to make the calls as window dressing. But that’s what they are: window dressing to give you a “plausible” basis for you phony, lying polls (that is, you falsify them when you need to in election years).

We all know that honest, scientific polling of enough people CAN work, as businesses such as Kroger’s and Proctor & Gamble use such polling successfully all the time.

But how is contacting 800 people who will talk to you – out of 300 million Americans – possibly reliable? The margin of error, if 3% at 800 people – balloons out to potentially 50% or 100% by time you would expand it to 100 million people.

Phony polls: your mind manipulation tactic #1.



One can learn about your phony exit poll operation in the book, “Votescam: The Stealing of America” by James and Kenneth Collier. But here I must focus on what you did in the Iowa Caucus of 1996.

In the three weeks I was in Dubuque, Iowa leading up to the 1996 Iowa Caucus, I got to know a prominent bone doctor and hip replacement specialist, Dr. James Pearson. On the night of Feb 12, 1996, I was checking the entrance of Hempstead High School, where the Caucus was being held in Dubuque. Dr. Pearson was just arriving, and walked inside to knock the snow off his boots.

“I’m so damn mad, Jim.”

“What’s the matter, Doctor?”

“Peter Jennings just announced a minute ago that Bob Dole was projected to win 26% to 23% -- and the Caucus hasn’t even started yet. No one has voted.” (He was right, it was 7 o’clock CST on the nose. Jennings and the other networks had announced that Dole would win 26% to 23% at one minute to 7 PM. Later, a local radio reporter provided me with a hard copy that had come into his ABC-affiliated station – time stamped 6:59 PM CST, saying that Dole would win26% to 23%.)


This couldn’t have been done on the basis of exit polls – no one had voted yet! So, it was done on the basis of an entrance poll (Ha! Ha! Ha!)

I had been fighting the votefraud you are involved in since 1979, so I knew about Voter News Service (VNS), now named National Election Pool (NEP), your jointly owned corporation who does all the “exit polls”.

So when I got to Hempstead High School around a quarter to 7 PM on Feb 12, 1996 – I asked if anyone knew where the Voter News Service people were? Someone pointed me to three college kids sitting at a table, doing nothing but talking. I went over and asked if they were working for Voter News Service – and they said yes, and that they were from Iowa State University, as I recall.

Now, at that moment 1500 plus people were jammed in the halls of the High School – just arriving. I asked them if they were taking surveys. They said “yes”, they had talked to about 30 people and had called in their results to Voter News Service at 20 minutes to 7 PM. (!!!!!!!!!!!) – So they weren’t talking to the 1500 people arriving, of the 1900 who would attend. How is this scientific.

The college kids were real. They were hired by Voter News Service. They were for who. VNS just passed on to you Big TV Networks the “Dole will win 26% to 23%” – because that’s what you all thought you could get away with.

The entrance poll of February 12, 1996 – like the Exit Polls of every election – are unscientific, and totally phony (google the article, “A House without Doors”, and see, “Votescam: The Stealing of America” by James and Ken Collier.

You Big TV Networks knew it was important for you to announce over all your TV networks and radio stations that Dole had “won” the Iowa Caucus of 1996 at one minute to 7 – BECAUSE you were managing the expectations of the American people – in preparation for your rigged final count you would announce a few hours later.

Isn’t is amazing that on the basis of your bogus “entrance polls” you could project the winner and 2nd place of Iowa Caucus 1996 to the EXACT PERCENTAGE point before the Caucus even started. Yes, You Info-Criminals, it’s FAR MORE than “amazing”!

PHONY EXIT POLLS AND ENTRANCE POLLS --- your tactic #2 to manipulate the American voters mind in preparation for the final “result” you will announce a few hours later.

HEADS UP, everybody reading this OPEN LETTER: Watch for such phony projections by the Big TV networks on the night  of January 3, 2012, the night of Iowa Caucus 2012. – AND WATCH for any “entrance polls” being taken – ask the people where they are from? Who hired them? How many people have they talked to? When did they call their results in?

In fact, people arrive to late too the Iowa Caucus – there is no time for the people on the ground to survey people, call it into NEP, and then for NEP to collate the results and pass it on to its 5 owners, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, and AP wire – in time to get a projection on the air before the Caucus begins. It’s all smoke an mirrors.

As the good info-magician – I have now exposed the tricks of the evil info-magicians at the Big TV Networks. Now you know what to watch for on that front. But now – the main event –


The Iowa Caucus is the most honest process of the major Presidential Contests each year. There are (this year) about 1784 local caucus gatherings of neighbors. The neighbors from that precinct vote IN THE OPEN by a show of hands, or on paper ballots counted immediately in the open in front of everyone.

A tally sheet is now filled in with the results, and the results are posted for everyone to see, after they are announced.

You Elites HATE this open process, which is why the twerp Governor of Iowa, Terry Branstad, recently snarled that if Ron Paul won the Iowa Caucus 2012, it would hurt Iowa and the process might need to be changed. (Yes, Governor, it’s too open and honest for the likes of you!) Those darn common folk just don’t know how to vote right!

This is the way it should be – and the exact opposite of the secret computer counts, where citizens are NOT ALLOWED TO SEE the ballots on election day or for about three weeks thereafter, while you and the band of super-criminals in your VoteFraud Syndicate – change the votes any way you want. Even Iowa “counts” votes this way – in the secret count, easily rigged computer way -- in the General Election.

So in the Iowa Caucus, you Elites have a much bigger problem. The local people do it honest, and then they call in the results to where the Iowa State GOP Headquarters tell them to call the results into. DANGER! DANGER! Here is where the 1996 Iowa Caucus was fixed against Pat Buchanan and for Bob Dole – and here’s where the snakes will try to fix it again in 2012.

The local Iowans are honest, they do their job at the Caucus, and go home. Little do they think that the Election Crooks at the state Iowa GOP HQ are going to betray them, if they can get away with it.

Here’s the way it worked in the Iowa Caucus in 1996, and then we’ll go to this year, 2012.

In Dubuque County – the only one of the 99 Iowa Counties we were watching in 1996, the Iowa State GOP leaders directed the 99 Iowa county leaders to call in their county’s results to New York City (!!!) to the aforementioned sinister, anti-American, Ruling Elite organization named Voter News Service, or VNS, -- which, again, was owned by the Big TV Networks and AP Wire.

Again, in the one county, Dubuque County, we monitored the vote for Buchanan in 1996. We proved by eye-witness reports from the 41 local caucus gatherings in Dubuque County, that Buchanan got 870 votes for the county, Dole got 339, Alan Keyes 245, and the rest a lot less. GOP County Chairman Rod Blum posted all the 41 local caucuses on a big blackboard outside the principal’s office in the main hall – all was done honest (Blum was a Sen. Phil Graham supporter, by the way).

No question about the result – we had eye-witnesses in every classroom! And Chairman Blum honestly posted all the results in public for all to see immediately after the Caucus.

Chairman Blum, then, like the other 98 GOP County Chairman in Iowa – called the results into Voter News Service in New York City, as he had been directed to do by the Iowa State GOP HQ.

Then, at 10 PM CST, the election crooks at Voter News Service (VNS) announced that the vote counting would be stopped for the night! What, they had a curfew? (This was to shut everything down so no one could ask any questions or demand a correction, if anyone had caught that they had falsified and rigged the vote.) Read on.

By the next morning, Buchanan and his supports had been cheated out of 13% of the vote he actually received in Dubuque County, which he won by a landslide.

Buchanan actually achieved 870 votes, and Dole was in second place with 339 votes; but Voter News Service in New York City simply subtracted 113 votes from Buchanan, thus cheating him out of 13% of his vote in Dubuque County, and this was what its partner in election crime, the AP wire, reported to the world the next morning. And, of course, all the other owners of VNS – you election crooks at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN – and now FOX – always report whatever VNS, now National Election Pool (NEP), says to report.

This is election trick #3 in the Iowa Caucus: change the numbers at the state level, if nobody’s looking.

The Big Media claimed that Dole won the 1996 Iowa Caucus 26% to 23% for Buchanan. Now, it is reasonable to assume that if VNS falsified the vote in the one county we were watching – they falsified it in the other 98 counties that we weren’t watching. Let’s continue:

If Buchanan was shorted by an average of only 4% in each of Iowa’s 99 counties, then he, not Dole, won the 1996 Iowa Caucus.

Now, in 2012, Watch the Vote 2012 is  organizing Vote Monitors at EVERY ONE of the 1784 or so local Caucuses – in ALL of the 99 counties in Iowa. Each Vote Monitor will report what they EYE-WITNESS on the ground at his or her local caucus – report the results to Watch The Vote 2012 – and we will throw the results up on a our website at – for all the world to see. As the results are called in, they will be entered, and tabulated in almost real time. So?

So you crooks and traitors at the Big TV Networks, AP Wire, and National Election Pool (NEP), better not announce false results – BECAUSE WE, THE NORMAL CITIZENS OUT HERE – WILL CATCH YOU. Believe it.

We are watching ALL 99 COUNTIES THIS TIME, not just one.

You had better not play a part in rigging this election against Ron Paul -- or anybody else.

We WILL report the REAL results as eye-witnessed on the ground by our vote monitors. If Michele Bachmann wins, we want her to be announced the winner. If Mitt Romney wins, we want him to be announced the winner. If Ron Paul wins, we want him to be announced the winner, and so on.

We are “deputizing” our Watch the Vote 2012 people as reporters for our news outlet, – and they have as much a right to watch and report as a New York Times reporter – in fact, more so, because our people will REPORT THE TRUTH of what happens.

Anyone showing our paper “deputizing” him or her to be a “Watch The Vote 2012” reporter, by showing the paper – disavows any violence or interference with the Iowa Caucus process. They are just there to OBSERVE the process first hand, and hear and see the vote result first hand -- NOT TO PARTICIPATE (unless, of course, they are also an Iowan and a voter in the Caucus – then they have a right to participate AND observe.)

Any boisterous, rowdy, interfering people at any of the caucuses are agent-provocateurs – probably sent out by the one of the creeps in your VoteFraud Syndicate coalition. They will not be our people, who are just normal citizens from Iowa and elsewhere in the USA.

This Open Letter will be posted at – and may be updated and revised as we go – but this is the copy that is being sent to you by certified letter – and we will always keep this original copy up on the website, to be compared against any revised copy which we may issue, for the better understanding of the problem posed by all of you involved with the VoteFraud Syndicate, and for understanding of how the problem can be fixed, and our election system restored to the “consent of the governed” and at least two Supreme Court decision demanding an open vote process, and forbidding any secret counting of votes. (See “South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul” at Youtube.)


We will be watching you at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, AP wire, -- and we will be watching your evil, jointly owned corporation, National Election Pools (NEP).

 IF YOU TRY TO FALSIFY AND RIG THE RESULTS AGAINST RON PAUL OR ANYBODY ELSE in Iowa Caucus 2012 – as you falsified the results against Pat Buchanan in 1996 – YOU WILL BE EXPOSED.


Jim Condit Jr.

Watch The Vote 2012

PO BOX 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211