Attention:  NH Vote Monitor Volunteers: Call Our "Watch the Vote 2012" number at   513-878-0378    -- leave a message with your name, phone, and if you have a preferred NH town to monitor. Someone will call you back shortly. -- AND -- Our "Watch the Vote 2012" conference call line is 641-715-3200, Pin: 1064662#. On NH Primary Night, the conference call line will be active from 4 PM till ? -- that's on Jan 10, 2012, NH Primary Nite, - and it may be active earlier in the day on NH Primary day, also.  -- Be sure to join our page by searching for "WatchTheVote2012" -- no spaces.

-- See near bottom of this page for "Guidance for Vote Monitors"
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 New Hampshire Battle Plan for Jan 10, 2012

Find NH Polling Place Addresses:
  Click here for the Polling Place address & town phone # -- for each town that hand-counts ballots in the New Hampshire Primary on January 10th, 2012

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Click Here for Other Info About each of these NH Towns
(Town Clerk, Fax Number, Email address, town website, AND -
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Click here for the "Watch The Vote 2012" Town Contact Leader for each of the below
New Hampshire Towns that hand count the votes in this year's NH Primary.

If you are a NH Vote Monitor, Please contact a Watch The Vote Town Contact Leader to coordinate Which NH Town you will Monitor on Primary Night, call our WatchTheVote2012 message line at: 513-878-0378 and leave your name, number, and preferred town in which to monitor the vote -- and we will get back to you to coordinate.
(We  want to use energy well -- and avoid having 5 vote monitors in one town -- and 0 vote monitors in another town!   :-)  )
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Instructions for Vote Monitors on NH Primary Night and Before
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Guidance for Vote Monitors On and Before NH Primary Nite


 Attention NH Vote Monitor Volunteers: 

The Final Piece of this Puzzle is to identify 127 Vote Monitor Teams who will Watch The Vote at the 127 NH towns that count the ballots by hand IN PUBLIC (computer-free, machine-free) -- as it should be. (Almost all town begin the ballot count at 7 PM EST, some at 8 PM.

At the top of this page are the "Watch the Vote" phone numbers you can use for direct human contact. The other links above are:

*  the Addresses for the Polling Places in each of the hand-count towns in NH

* other info about the towns we were not able to fit on the first page -- and --

* a link to the list of "Watch The Vote 2012" Town Contact Leaders which will help coordinate with you and other Vote Monitors on the ground in NH on Primary day and before -- and --

* Instructions for NH Vote Monitors (job description)

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 About 140 towns NH vote on illegal, easily rigged computers, programmed by unknown programmers, and with programs that are kept secret from the public.

Unless each "computer" town takes the ballots out of the computers right after the polls close and counts them in public view BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight (which all NH towns have the right to do under state law, -- then such "counts" are illegal, as they violate two US Supreme Court decisions, and many of the legal statutes of many of the individual states. (See the YouTube Video, "South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul".)

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