See below for important affidavit from Edward L. True,
Iowa caucus attendee and ballot counter

If We Believe the Official Numbers Published on the night of Iowa Caucus 2012 by Iowa GOP State HQ --

This Affidavit Changes the
Winner from Romney To Santorum!

Below is the affidavit of Edward L. True. In his local Caucus in Appanoose County, Iowa (precinct Washington Wells), Mitt Romney actually received 2 votes. The Iowa State GOP HQ, using their secret computer program, programmed by an unknown person, hidden from the public in a secret location -- credited Romney with 22 votes for Washington Wells Precinct -- 20 more than Romney actually received. If we are to believe the Iowa State GOP's published numbers on Caucus Night, this changes the outcome of the Iowa Caucus. Since it was published for worldwide distribution that Romney "won" by only 8 votes out of some 122,000 votes case -- this means that Rick Santorum is now the winner by 12 votes. As you will see, both the caucus leader and the GOP County Chairman have confirmed to Mr. True (and others who will come forth with affidavits soon - that Mr. True's report is correct. Below the affidavit from Edward L. True, you will see the actual tally sheet he himself created at the caucus -- as well as the screen shots taken by Judy Spady of Durango, Colorado from the official Iowa GOP HQ Google Docs, which confirm that the Iowa GOP HQ credited Romney with 22 votes, rather than the 2 votes he received. The official Iowa GOP website made it impossible to take only one screen shot and get the data, so there are three screen shots. Mrs. Spady will shortly publish an affidavit that the screen shots reflect exactly what she saw on the internet -- before the Iowa GOP HQ pulled all the numbers down off the internet a few hours later. (What's the rush boys?) And why did the leaders at Iowa State GOP HQ, for the first time ever, tell the GOP County Chairmen not to give anyone the numbers from the caucuses in the their local county, including local newspaper? Looks like somebody at Iowa State GOP HQ doesn't want to make it easy for people to check the local Caucus results against what is published on the Iowa State GOP Website.

So this affidavit changes the outcome of the Iowa Caucus 2012, right? Or does the Iowa GOP HQ wish to acknowledge that they have made mistakes in other precincts?

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Here is the tally sheet created by Edward L. True at his Iowa Caucus for Washington Wells Precinct, Appanoose County, Iowa. -- Mr. True has requested a copy of the official tally sheet for Appanoose County from the GOP County Chairman, but has so far been refused. Mr. Brinegar, the GOP County Chairman, is under pressure from Iowa GOP State HQ not to show or share the local official tally sheets with anyone. Wonder Why?    :-)   -- We hope all the GOP County Chairs will disregard the Iowa GOP HQ outrageous request to keep the local County tally sheets secret from the public. What does the Iowa GOP State HQ have to hide?


   Judy Spady's  crucial screenshots

Below are the screen shots taken by Judy Spady of Durango, Colorado of the official Iowa GOP HQ Google Docs that were put on the internet for the Iowa Caucus 2012; Judy Spady will post an affidavit soon that this is what she saw.

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Precinct # 4013 The below screen shot shows 22 votes for Romney (screen shot two shows that Romney is the 4th column), -- instead of the two votes he actually received at that precinct/caucus gathering. The 22 votes are on line 4013, which is the precinct number for Ed True's Precinct, Washington Wells. We will try to get a webmaster to enlarge the part to make the 22 more readable. -- The 22 is perfectly clear on the KCCI TV story from Des Moines, Iowa, which we hope to have posted here soon. While it lasts, you can go to and it is the first news story for Jan 5, 2012.

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*The below screen shot shows the top of the page so one can see that the the 4th column is the Romney column.


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*This below screen shot shows that #4013 matches with Appanoose Washington Wells Precinct,
i.e., Edward True's Precinct -- the precinct/caucus gathering where the discrepancy took place.


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